Don't assume it has to be expensive. Now more than ever, it's within your reach.

    Not as expensive as you would expect...

    You could visit Ghana for ten days and spend less than $1000 if you plan well!

    Maybe more complicated than you would expect...

    While it may be less expensive than you expected, there are some other steps you need to take to go. You may already have a passport, but you will also need a Ghanaian visa ($100 for three years) and yellow fever vaccine ($100-200 for ten years).


    • Flight out of EWR, JFK, IAD for ~ $700
    • 8-9 days in an Airbnb or Guesthouse ~ $150
    • $10/day for food will buy two big meals per day ~ $100
    • $50 for visiting sites in or near Accra; e.g. $17 RT travel to Cape Coast, $4 to enter Cape Coast Castle
    Obviously a bigger budget may allow for more experiences, but if you just want to live la vida Ghana you can do it all for $1000. Please also keep in mind that a $700 ticket is not always available... but they are out there on Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airlines and Royal Air Maroc.
    Pro Tip: The bonus with Royal Air Maroc is that if your transfer is over eight hours they will put you in a hotel and feed you for free!
    Please contact Bro. Dr. Duchamp if you want to learn more.
  • Are you visiting??

    We'd love to see you - but give us some notice!
    Please note that the brothers and sisters in Ghana are working or in school, so the more notice you give the more likely we can plan a gathering for when you visit.
    Please include your WhatsApp number in your message.