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    Combatting the Rubbish Issues in Ghana

    This is not a cliff. This is a pile of trash in Accra made up of plastics, metals and various textiles; especially clothing. While 99% of the country is beautiful and litter-free, there are serious issues in metro areas around rubbish (garbage) disposal and the resulting pollution on land, in the air, and in surrounding waters. Sigma Mu Sigma is working on creative solutions to address a generational issue.

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    Burning Trash

    In Ghana, there is trash removal - but it is at a cost. This is more than most Ghanaians can afford. So instead, they burn the trash. This is not only harmful to the environment, but also to the Ghanaians that are overseeing the burning. Here is a good article on the effects of burning.

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    Beautiful beaches, but look closer...

    Every day clothing debris washes upon these beaches - but there's so much more we can't see. If you zoom on this picture, you will see twisted remnants of clothing that were dumped into the ocean.

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    Not where cattle should be...

    Instead of green space, major food sources for Ghanaians are crowded by mounds of rubbish.

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    Saving the Ocean

    We will work with NGOs like the Or Foundation to work on the clothing being dumped into various waters.

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