• Educational Kits

    Thank you for being a partner in our efforts to provide educational kits for young people throughout Ghana, West Africa. The goal is to introduce some different ideas around STEM that expand to all sorts of disciplines; business, tourism, marketing, etc.


    We are able to fund these kits thanks to the great number of Sigmas and Zetas who have purchased items through our eMarketplace. Those who support our 200for200 campaign actually have their names placed on the kits!


    Our current focus is to assemble kits around flight, but you can help us develop the next concept. Below you will find details about our current kit, and ideas for the next.


    If you have questions, please contact me using the information on the attached overview sheet. You can also watch this short video on assembling the kits.


    Thank you!


    Damien L. Duchamp, Director of Education

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  • "Make it Fly" Educational Kit

    The current kit is designed to get kids to explore flight. Depending on when the kit is delivered, it will have 2-3 of the following items in it. In addition to the glider planes, stomp rocket, or foam plane, students will receive instructions on how to build a rocket.

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    Foam Planes

    These planes can go long distances with a little practice. Students can learn what makes them go farther or higher.

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    Stomp Rockets

    These rockets can go super high with the right amount of force. Students can try different angles and energy.

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    Glider Planes

    So many variables! Rubber band twist, throw, direction... Lots of experiments for students at any age.

  • Learning Activities & Inspiration

    These are the inserts for flight kits - part engineering, part aeronautics, part dreams. The left page is for doing 'experiments' with different flying devices. The right page is why learning about flight can be so important.

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    The Activity - Build a Rocket!!

    This is an activity that helps students build a rocket. This can be done at any age level, but likely will need assistance from teachers and mentors.

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    Putting the Kit Together

    We assemble all of the kits in a 16qt stackable container, with enough room for parts to the rocket they will build. Over time, kits with different themes can be stacked.

  • School Partners

    The kits are only effective if we have a school partner that helps the kids do the activity. The instructions explain the activity that students can participate in at almost every level.

    What about other kinds of kits?

    The above kit was designed with a singular focus; flight. Other kits can be assembled with a variety of other items. Examples include Legos, pipe cleaners, balloons and other craft items used for building and creativity. If you send it, we'll turn it into a kit!

    How to Participate

    Some people just support our campaigns and that funds a good number of kits. For those that want to turn it into a project, it makes more sense for an organization/entity to pool funds and buy in bulk. Instead of purchasing box by box, you can get a lot more for the money. Contact us if this is the approach you would like to take and we'll walk you through what it could look like.

    Who to buy from...

    We recommend visiting a number of stores that have good options. You can either buy in bulk through Amazon, Alibaba, Michaels, etc. or buy items when you see them at places like TJ Maxx, Walmart, Marshalls, etc. Keep an eye open for sales!

  • For Future Kits

    Our current kit is "Make it Fly," but other ideas are brewing...

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    Something that powers...

    A small tagline
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    Something that flies...

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    Something that builds...

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    Something that rolls...

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    Something solar...

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    Something complex...

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    ...and these are the containers we use.

    This is the model we use. 15qt clasp model in blue please. If you can't find it for sale, please don't buy another version as we are intentional about the size and stackability. Thank you!

  • Thank you for supporting education in Ghana!