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    Join us - The Borehole Project

    Our goal WAs $4000 - Now we WANT TO DO MORE!!

    The Sigma Mu Sigma (SMS) Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity has partnered with TEAM CSR, a registered nonprofit or Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Ghana in good standing, for the implementation of our initial project in support of their Rural Water Supply in the form of Boreholes to respond to the lack of clean water and related health issues in remote areas of Ghana, West Africa.


    Our first borehole was built in Afrokrotia, located in the Eastern Region - a part of the Akwamufie township. It’s a township with over 500 people, surrounded by other smaller townships. The people in this small community are mostly farmers and fishery workers at the nearby Volta Lake. Many of the town’s inhabitants have traditionally fetched water from nearby rivers and streams that are tributaries of the Volta Lake. These streams are heavily polluted with industrial waste as well as contaminants.


    Before the borehole was installed, residents of Afrokrotia would make the 7km walk to Akwamufie and other areas to access clean water. The journey to these points made it difficult for children to attend classes on time and from doing their homework. By default, it also forced many in the community to fetch their water from contaminated streams causing waterborne diseases, such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid fever, etc..


    The major concern however had been the lack of potable drinking water for the community which has prompted an overflow of patients at the local clinic for illnesses such as cholera and diarrhea which can be fatal for children. The community had approached the government and local corporate bodies for aid, however these entities have not been able to provide the needed assistance.

    Given the lack of clean drinking water and the strained sanitation system, there are severe public health concerns in Ghana contributing to 70% of diseases nationally (World Health Organization). The government and the few water-based NGOs that exist are burdened with requests for boreholes. These entities cannot meet the needs of these requests, in particular those in the rural areas. Therefore, opportunities exist for organizations such as Phi Beta Sigma to provide some level of relief providing boreholes.


    At a cost of $4,000 USD, the chapter set out to build a borehole to inaugurate the chartering of a Phi Beta Sigma chapter in the country. The goal was to engage in an impactful sustainable project that will galvanize the communities, churches, government and other stakeholders as to the purpose and the community service agenda of our fraternity. The chapter successfully raised $4000 thanks to brothers of Sigma Mu Sigma, members of the D9 community (other fraternities and sororities) and our regional / international leadership.


    We will soon post pictures and additional information about this great achievement, but let's not stop here. Help us build the next three boreholes by purchasing a limited edition chartering dashiki as part of our 200/200 Campaign. If you would like to fund the maintenance of one our boreholes, you can also do that for only $300.


    For more information, download the PDF or to contribute click HERE


    You can donate any amount, and we will display your name or the name of your chapter/organization when the borehole is built. Any amount is helpful!