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    Limited Edition Dashiki

    200 for $200 Campaign

  • Profit from $200 for Projects

    Each dashiki sold will support two main programs.

    Water for Life Project


    Building a well in a rural village can change the path for countless individuals. This documentary does a great job of framing the work that we do. A well costs $4000 to build, and approximately $250 per year to maintain. While the NGO who created this video is not our partner... but we share a common goal. A portion of the profits from each limited edition dashiki sold will go to support our next borehole project. Learn more about this project on our dedicated page.

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    Education Kits


    We work with teachers in the vicinity of our Phi Beta Sigma Technical School. The way we do this is to supply them not only with basic education supplies, but also to provide them with kits intended for different age groups. Each kit costs ~$25, but can impact a number of children over the years. Learn more by visiting our dedicated page.